Major Update

Big Redesign

Many of you knew of our plan to land using a “Pull-Up” motor to slow our satellite down before touchdown. This mechanism needed to be developed from the ground up by our team and we knew this would be hard. But after a lot of problems and final proof that it would not work at this scale we decided to scrap the idea.

In order to stay on track with our mission of soft landing we chose to develop a dual parachute system instead. Find out more about our new plan here.

Because of this big redesign we had very little updates on our website in the last months. But we can assure you we are hard at work and everyone in our team is doing their best to make this new plan a success.

More Tests

During the last months we also conducted a number of new tests.

Watch our video about our third and forth drop-tests here:

If you follow us on twitter you already know that drop-tests five and six also happened just last week.
We currently don’t have a video to share about these, but we do have some nice pictures.

The fifth drop was special as it was the first one using our new main chute.

Due to a malfunction in the stabilization software of our helicopter this test was quite the spectacle and almost failed. But the helicopter managed to land and everything made it down to the ground safely.

We already know what caused this problem and introduced new procedures to assure it won’t happen again.

These drop tests also used a rudimentary ground-station in the back of our car to communicate with our satellite.

Printing on our newest satellite model also started printing. We will keep you updated on further progress.