First Droptest

Today we successfully pulled off our first droptests, meaning we dropped a dummy from a model helicopter.

How we got here

After building and throwing our mass dummy out of windows a few times the next step was clear: get it higher in the air.
At first we tried it with a quadrocopter but that didn’t have enough power to lift our 350g dummy.

So we pulled out the big machines…
After adjusting an old mechanism for dropping a football to fit our needs (special thanks to Manfred, Philipp and the MFC Höflein for helping us out) and testing it on the ground we waited for the right weather conditions to conduct our first test flight.

What does this mean?

These tests were meant to test the deployment mechanism and that the prototype wouldn’t just crash back down. Now that we have confirmed we can slow our descend enough we can start building actual flight hardware into the prototypes.