Setbacks and Progress

Last week we experienced a major setback. Our 3D-printer died due to an unknown cause. This was almost a worst case scenario as we rely on 3D-printing for most of our components. However we were able to find a quick backup solution and were able to outsource the major print scheduled for last week. We

Major Update

Big Redesign Many of you knew of our plan to land using a “Pull-Up” motor to slow our satellite down before touchdown. This mechanism needed to be developed from the ground up by our team and we knew this would be hard. But after a lot of problems and final proof that it would not

First Droptest

Today we successfully pulled off our first droptests, meaning we dropped a dummy from a model helicopter. How we got here After building and throwing our mass dummy out of windows a few times the next step was clear: get it higher in the air.At first we tried it with a quadrocopter but that didn’t

PDR – 2nd Update

On Monday the team conducted PDR. Concepts for software, electronics have been assessed as proper and several tests so far proof our concept.Within the mechanical design we exited PDR with a major action item on the motor. Now the team moved fully to detailed design in preparation for CDR

Cone – Supported by Freedcamp

A project like our Cansat wouldn’t be possible without good coordination in our team. To achieve this we trust in Freedcamp.It provides a great overview on our schedule and what tasks need to be finished next. Coordinating meetings and our work schedule has never been easier.With just one look at your personalized daily-recap you know

Long-Range Communications

First long-distance communication test results are available and look really good so far. We managed to get stable communications between our test vehicle and the ground station at a distance of 1.2 Kilometers. At this distance we concluded the first test but we will check on further distances in the future. Our all around error

PDR Update

As of yesterday we have, as planned, entered the preliminary design review. Due to the complicated communication and superstructure systems we estimate that the PDR will take up to two weeks. Current date planned to exit the PDR on is January 20th. We will update on further progress.